Helping College Bound Families Navigate the College Search & Application Process

Overwhelmed By The College Search & Planning Process?

Have you been wondering…

How Do We Narrow Our Search?

The sheer number of colleges is daunting. We’ll work together to simplify & narrow your student’s search and build a balanced list of colleges.

Which Schools Are The Best Fit?​

You’ll discover an efficient way to consider your student’s goals, academic programs, admission requirements, and cost to find their best fit.

What Classes Are Required?​

Armed with the knowledge of their desired schools’ requirements, your student will be able to select high school classes confidently.

How Important Are Extracurriculars?

Your student will learn how to choose and prioritize extracurriculars that fit with your student’s interests and workload.

What If My Student Doesn’t Have A 4.0+?

With a compelling application that showcases their strengths, your student CAN get into many colleges without a 4.0 GPA.

Is Volunteering Essential?

Based on your student’s goals, we’ll discuss whether or not volunteering is the right activity for your student!

Researching Majors & Colleges

Your student will gain insight into the curriculum and requirements for specific majors to make choosing a major (and sticking with it) simple.

Essay & Application Coaching

Your student will have the support they need to submit impactful essays, allowing them to present their strongest application possible.

Curious about what it’s like to work with Sylvia?

Students will go from feeling overwhelmed and unsure to feeling confident and successful. DJ Educational Consulting targets the multiple parts of the application process to make the journey simple, structured, and fun.

“Sylvia was fantastic! She kept our daughter engaged
through meaningful conversation, kept her on track with her easy-to-follow schedule, and motivated with her ability to break down the overwhelming process into a more manageable step-by-step process. Sylvia is very knowledgeable about colleges and keeps up on current trends.”

– Pam W., Parent

“I highly recommend Sylvia for any parent navigating
the college application process. She is wonderful to
work with, responds quickly to questions, and keeps her students on track to ensure they meet all college application requirements and deadlines. The best part is that she has students work hard over the spring and summer so that by the time application deadlines arrive, the kids (and parents!) are not stressed out trying to finalize applications.”

– Seema M., Parent

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