Should I Take AP Classes and Tests?

As a college counselor, I’m often asked about AP coursework and exams. “When can I start taking AP courses? How many should I take? Is it better to get a lower grade in an AP class, or should I take the regular class to protect my GPA?” Thinking about whether to take challenging AP coursework […]

What College-Prep Questions Do Teens Have? – Making Big Decisions

9th–10th Graders: Planning Your Summer Summer offers students a valuable opportunity to grow and learn outside the traditional classroom setting. Students can choose activities that will expand their horizons. Here are a few ideas for them to consider: Whatever they choose, students should focus their efforts on something that adds to their personal and intellectual […]

What is Demonstrated Interest in College Admissions

Beyond the standard metrics of grades and test scores, there’s a critical component that often goes overlooked: Demonstrated Interest (DI). What is DI? Why does it matter? And how can you leverage it to enhance your college application? Understanding Demonstrated Interest Demonstrated Interest refers to the proactive steps a student takes to show a college […]

How to Submit Successful College Applications: A Guide for High School Students

The journey to college is an exciting but often overwhelming process for high school students and their families. From selecting the right colleges to completing applications and writing essays, there’s a lot to manage. This guide aims to simplify the college application process so you can feel confident that you are submitting successful college apps. […]

Navigating the College Admission Process: A Guide for Parents and Students

The college admission process can often feel like a high-stakes game for both parents and students, with the pressure to secure a spot at a prestigious institution looming large. However, it’s important to remember that the path to success and happiness is not solely determined by the name on a college diploma. This blog post […]

The Essential Guide to Pre-Writing Exercises for College Essays

For high school juniors, the journey to college is filled with various milestones, and one of the most critical steps in this journey is writing college essays. Pre-writing exercises are an invaluable tool in preparing for this task. They not only help organize thoughts and ideas but also reduce the overall stress associated with the […]

Making Decisions That Matter: A Guide for High School Students

As high school students stand on the precipice of a major life transition, the choices that lie before them are both exciting and daunting. The decisions you make now—from selecting a college to planning your summer—can have a profound impact on your personal and academic growth. Here’s a guide to help you navigate these crucial […]

Navigating the College Search: A Step-by-Step Guide for Students

Embarking on the journey to find the right college can be overwhelming, but with a structured approach and the right resources, students can confidently navigate this process. Here’s a straightforward guide to help high school 11th graders kickstart their college search. Step 1: Compile a Preliminary List of Colleges The first step is to create […]

Navigating College Admissions: Understanding and Managing the Waitlist

The air is thick with anticipation as high school seniors await the final round of college admission decisions. The coming weeks will bring a mix of excitement and uncertainty, a feeling exacerbated by the increasing use of waitlists by colleges and universities. The Role of Waitlists Waitlists have become a strategic tool for institutions to […]

Navigating the College Application Journey: A Guide for Parents and Students

Navigating the college application process can be a daunting task for both students and parents. As a college counselor who has guided many families through this journey, I understand the blend of excitement and anxiety that comes with it. Here’s a straightforward, informative guide to help you through this pivotal time. Reflecting on the High […]