5-day Coaching Bootcamp
On-Demand Course

$700 (Premium - includes the IEC Notion Dashboard and more!)
$350 (Classic - loved by dozens of IECs)

From Chaos to Clarity! The SOS Bootcamp will help you organize and streamline your operations and bring structure to your week, month, and seasons. The on-demand modules are flexible and will give you full control of the entire process. Check it out!

  • 5 Days of Video Walk-Throughs designed to bring systemization, organization, and structure to your folders, files, meeting notes, emails, client communications, and social media posts 
  • 5 Days of Daily Challenges to keep you motivated, accountable, and progressing toward your goal
  • 5 Days of Resources to walk you step-by-step through each of the Daily Challenges, including templates for your meeting notes and client communications
  • A 90-minute Bootcamp Debrief/Q&A session to go over your questions and your progress. This meeting will be held one-on-one via Zoom with me.

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