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Discovery Session

Families appreciate working with me because of my unwavering dedication to truly listening and understanding their students. By delving into their interests and passions, we establish a solid foundation for setting goals and choosing the right colleges.

Believe it or not, your student possesses a wealth of knowledge about their interests and aspirations. Sometimes, all it takes is asking the right questions to foster an open dialogue and uncover their hidden potential. What makes this approach truly remarkable is that it empowers students to take control of their journey. And when they truly invest themselves in the process, the results are truly remarkable!

If you’re looking for an experienced college counselor who will take the time to get to know your student, I’m here for you! To learn more about how I can help, book a Strategy Session today.

Sylvia Borgo College Counselor
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Getting Started & First Steps

When families begin this process, knowing where, when, and how to start preparing can be confusing. Together, we plot out a roadmap for you and your student so that they know exactly what milestones they’ll meet and when to begin!

Regarding the ideal timing, I recommend beginning with a college counselor in 10th grade. While this may appear early to some, it gives students the prime opportunity to build an authentic profile and complete the entire process step-by-step so it feels manageable. You and your student will avoid being overwhelmed.

High School Courses & Extracurricular Activity Planning

Once your student has identified their goals, it’s time to strategize. By carefully mapping out the ideal combination of classes and extracurricular activities, they can create a powerful college application that significantly improves their chances of admission to their balanced list of schools. Should they prioritize a heavier workload or focus on excelling in their chosen areas? Armed with knowledge of their schools’ and majors’ requirements, your student can confidently navigate the class selection process throughout their high school years with clarity and purpose.

College Affordability & Financial Aid

Understanding college affordability and financial aid options is an important part of building your student’s balanced college list. I take extra time to help you understand each college’s value and provide you with the strategies necessary for getting the most financial aid possible. Finding the right financial aid options can be stressful for any family. I have in-depth knowledge of both merit-based and need-based aid to maximize your student’s chances for success.

College Search & List Building

Finding the right college can be daunting, as there are countless factors to weigh. From application requirements to academic support services, from career outcomes to mentorship and scholarship opportunities, the list feels endless. However, with my systematic approach, your student will learn to create a customized criteria list, guiding them to discover the schools that align best with their goals. Together, we’ll navigate this overwhelming process with clarity and confidence.

Researching Majors & Colleges

No worries if your student is unsure about their major! We’ll work together to discover their passions and guide them through understanding core requirements, curriculum options, and support services. This insight will empower them to confidently make well-informed decisions, saving valuable time and energy in the long run. Let’s set them up for success!

College Essays & Applications

When writing the college essay, students often feel stuck and unsure of where to begin or what to write about. However, throughout our process, they will discover how to craft an essay that highlights their best qualities, strongest ideas, and tells a captivating story that showcases their uniqueness. The assistance and guidance provided will empower students to craft an essay of exceptional quality. As a result, they will gain a strong sense of achievement and confidence in their abilities.

We will work together to review their application materials, complete college application help including checklists and guidance to meet all deadlines. Your student will receive a detailed outline and timeline, establishing clear expectations and equipping them with invaluable project management skills that will serve them well in the future. Collaboratively, we will meticulously review every facet of the process to ensure accuracy and completeness.

“Sylvia helped our senior narrow down her choices and figure out what was important when it came to campus life and the experience she wanted, based on our daughter’s criteria.”

Pam M., parent

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