Why Work With Sylvia?

You’ll save time and money with a streamlined approach to all college preparation, search, and application aspects.

Why Hire Me? In Short, Efficiency.

Assisting students through this process can be time-consuming, especially if you, like most parents, find that a lot has changed since you applied to college. Where do you start and how can you optimize your student’s chances of gaining admission to many institutions?

This is where my streamlined process and consultation can make all the difference. By working with me, your student will gain clarity and confidence in every step of the process and will have the knowledge and insight they need to ensure they work efficiently and effectively to submit their strongest application to the colleges that are the right fit for them.

Learn the advantages of working with a college counselor!

“She is incredibly knowledgeable, responsive, kind, and organized. The many resources and help she provides are invaluable through picking colleges, considering finances, applying, and writing. Sylvia takes the time to get to know you and your goals and personalized her advice based on that.”

– Sophia V. (University of San Diego)

So, What Can You Expect When You Partner With Me?

You can expect a lot more than just essay writing strategies! You and your student will receive comprehensive college counseling support throughout the entire process. This includes helping with goal setting and task management, planning high school classes and extracurriculars, as well as creating and applying to a balanced list of colleges.

My commitment goes beyond just essays—it extends to every aspect of your student’s journey towards academic success.

A Customized Plan Of Action, Every Step Of The Way

You’ll receive a plan of action for your student based on their goals and where they are today, so there are no surprises. I’ll help you create and uncover those goals based on conversations and exercises we’ll complete together, such as:

Direct Communication

Whether your student is a first-year, sophomore, junior, or senior in high school, you’ll have my support and guidance. We’ll have scheduled meetings, and your student will meet important grade-level milestones throughout the exciting process

Plus, You’ll Discover:

Get Your Questions Answered & Discover Your First Steps!